Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What Hats Will You Try for 2012?

Well the much anticipated 2012 has arrived at long last!  As with any New Year, have you made your list of resolutions to begin the year with an improved new, you?  or are you like me and don't make resolutions you know you probably won't keep?  What hats will you try on this year?

I ended 2011 with a bad case of the flu and now that it's finally resolved itself I have a whole new appreciation for my relationship with my physical self.  I am so grateful for being able to breathe.  That flu sat on me like an Elephant and now that I can breathe without panting or wheezing anymore, I have a whole new appreciation for the simple act of breathing.  That's a pretty good lesson to learn but not the easiest way to learn it!

There are so many choices available to all of us.  The only limitations are the ones we place on ourselves.  I guess it's always good to go through an evaluation of what one wants and/or needs from time to time and New Year's seams as good a time as any.  I have to admit that I get a good chuckle out of the TV commercials that run in January.  Mostly they deal with weight loss.  If ever one wants to see just how much we let others tell us we are not okay, read a fashion magazine or watch TV commercials!  Frankly, I never was much for fashion trends having a taste in clothing that runs at least 100 years behind the trends.  The good part about that is that nothing I have will ever go out of style....

It is said you should never ask a lady her age or her weight.  Well in that vein, one of my favorite pictures and the story my Grandpa told me to go with it applies to this topic.

Elsie tests the cattle scale

It seems that one afternoon (1920's) my Great Uncle Bert and my Grandpa were working on the cattle scale.  They decided they needed to test it out on something or someone who's weight was already known.  So, Bert came running into the kitchen, grabbing Elsie by the hand and pulled her across the yard while telling her they wanted to weigh her on the cattle scale in front of half the men from the neighborhood.  According to my Grandpa, smoke was coming out her ears that they would do this to her in front of everyone but being the lady that she was, she calmly stood on the scale while they checked it out.  Once they were finished she stomped across the yard and back to the house.  Bert later told Grandpa she didn't speak to him for three days!  He had no idea what the big deal was....

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you choose to try out some really flamboyant hats this year...Perhaps with some feathers in bright colors???


  1. Sheri, so glad that you are feeling better. Cute story but what kept her out of prison for murder I don't know!
    I have vowed to myself that I am living life to the fullest...flat out. I don't know what hat I will put on. I have sold all but 19 of my sheep and I still have the cattle so I can wear my Nana hat more and do some traveling this summer.

  2. I am surprised that they were let back into the house and not living on that scale..

    Not sure what hats I will be wearing but I know I need to find some new ones...