Monday, January 23, 2012

A Gentle Reminder Today

It's been a long week of snow removal for this gal.  Let's face it, shoveling the white stuff is not my favorite pass time.  Right now my shoulders are stiff and sore and I am grumbly at the prospect of heading out to move some more of it - especially the really wet, heavy stuff that came down last night.  It's hard to be grateful for it that's for sure!  So this morning, as I was standing before the mirror blow-drying my hair and dreading heading out the door to battle the heavy shoveling, I hear this "thunk".  I turn around and there laying face down on the floor is this framed quote from Kahlil Gibran.  This is my favorite quote and I use it on my tag line on MaryJanes Farm Forum.  In case you can't read it from the photo, this is what it says:

         "Work is Love made visible.  And if you cannot work with Love, But only with distaste,
          it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple, and take
          alms of those who work with Joy."

A gentle reminder that without a joyful heart, life becomes bleak and miserable.  It doesn't matter what you are working at, it deserves all the honor and respect it deserves.  Now, I don't exactly believe in coincidence so when quotations are falling at my feet, I pay attention.  Sometimes it's easy to forget the things we choose to base our lives on.  Thanks for the reminder.... 

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  1. Great reminder and the universe always finds away to show us exactly what we need in that moment. Take care of that shoulder and I send healing love and light to it and you.