Tuesday, January 24, 2012

All On A Winters Evening

Yesterday was another brief brake from the storms that we have lined up to roll in one after another.  This has been an odd winter for a La Nina.  The temps have been all over the map and we went a long time with little snow into a snow/rain pattern.  The sheep don't mind the snow and will sleep under the trees but they hate the rain and will hunker down in the barn.  The same thing goes for my dog - he will let the snow bury him as it comes down but will hang out inside if it is rain.

Shetland/Merino 2 ply hand spun
As the sun sets so early and the days are short, I like to spend my evenings spinning.  I am not good at sitting idle in front of the TV.  My hands have to be busy.  This was some Shetland that was silver colored that I dyed a soft teal color.  I plied it with a Merino single in it's natural cream color.

merino super wash hand paint roving

The last few evenings I have been working on this super wash roving that I hand painted last fall.  It is shades of dark royal blue, teal, green, and purple.  It always takes me awhile to shift to spinning the shorter Merino fibers from the long Shetland.  It is always so fascinating to see how the colors will blend as the singles take up onto the bobbin.

I love the way the fiber flows through my fingers, twisting into its transformation - it casts a spell of contentment and peace as it passes through my hands.  A meditation in utilitarianism melding with art.

Finished single ready for plying.
The perfect end to a day spent shoveling heavy snow.  There is comfort in the usual sit and spin.  I hope you spend your evenings with something that gives you that peace....

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  1. Marvelous yarns and I can see the love spun into them. Great to have this in our lives when we sit and center ourselves... Lovely!!!