Saturday, September 24, 2011

Life Is Like A Dye Pot - Isn't It?

Roddy (l) and Barrick (r) kicking it in the shade
It's the last hurrah of summer this weekend so I have been dying the last of the wool for the season.  As all folks who play with dyes know, what you get in the end, isn't always what you set out to create.  That is the beauty of playing with color - some happy accidents and some not so happy but all an adventure just the same.  I had one such adventure with a dye labeled "Herb Green".   No matter what I do, no matter what color the fleece, it insists that it is purple.  It looks green in the cup but this is what I have ended up with each time I try it.  I've tried it three times with varying purplish results.  Why do I keep trying it? - Well, I thought it might be the color of the fleece. Nope.  I thought it might be the pan (sm. chip, you never know...), Nope. Minerals in the well water (tried distilled) Nope.  I guess in the end, one always hopes the third time is the charm.  Nope.

Herb Green ?????  Oh Please...
In which Roddy meets Wedgewood
It's reminds me of the famous line from Forrest Gump only for fiber artists. "Life is like a dye pot - no matter how well you plan, how carefully you measure, it doesn't always turn out the way you thought it would".  How true that is with most things.  We all make our plans, dream our dreams and then some unforeseen event catapults us in a whole new direction and although it wasn't what we originally had in mind, sometimes the outcome is better than we thought it could be.
Persimmon & Violet Handpaint Roving
Persimmon on Barrick

So, here is to interesting and lovely outcomes - even if they aren't Herb Green....

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  1. Wonderful colors - might just be that the dye was mislabeled. I love the process and outcomes of dyeing - Enjoy!