Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Green Bean Adventures and Tomato Dreams

An abundance of pole beans for a very late harvest this year.  Usually I am finished with canning beans by the middle of August.  With a heatwave over most of the country this year, the Pacific Northwest had an almost "no summer summer" in which crops are a month late and not nearly as abundant as usual.  I am grateful that we missed the scorching heat but it would have been nice to get into the upper 80's before the last two weeks of August!  So as a result, I am just now finishing up canning the green beans and anxiously awaiting my tomato harvest.

We put up the hoop greenhouse plastic in anticipation of the first frost only to have the weather warm up again and I am out there spraying down the inside with cold well water trying to keep the temps from barbequing my tomatoes!  I have started to harvest a few but my Roma's for canning still have awhile until harvest.  I am anxious to get back to the dye pots and get some more wool dyed before this warm weather quits for good, but as all gardeners know, Produce Waits for No One.....


  1. So excited to have your adventures out there for others to read and learn from. Welcome Dear Friend I am a follower.....

  2. Glad to see you wandered over here, Grace. Nice to know I am not in cyberland by myself!!