Tuesday, September 20, 2011

High Tea to Celebrate

Brambleberry Cottage, Spokane, WA

My daughter Charissa from the bustling metropolis of NYC was in town to visit and she persuaded me it was time to make the foray into the world of blogging.  So after helping me to set up the page layout and create my wonderful banner, she whisked me off to Spokane, WA to a wonderful little tea house called, Brambleberry Cottage. What a wonderful break from all the hot summer work in the gardens and dying wool for spinning.  We got all dressed up in our most feminine finery and enjoyed two hours of pampered luxury.  So many wonderful treats to tempt our pallets on a very hot summer afternoon.

After much deliberation, we both selected our chosen flavor of tea and spent a lovely two hours savoring all the wonderful savories and sweets.

Alas!  We never spied an elusive rabbit with a weskit and top hat but it was surely a tea party to remember....good times whiling away a summer afternoon knowing that soon the days will shorten and and the air take on that unmistakable chill that fall is in the air.

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