Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Joy of Wearin' Overalls

Aydon in his Farmer Oly's

Today grandson Aydon came to visit with his Mommy, Kim and his grandmother, Maria to pick the last of the green beans to freeze.  It's always fun to visit with the wee ones.  He sat in his stroller amongst the bean rows telling us his tales as we worked our way down the rows.  His mommy sure had him dressed for the occasion - his first wearing of the overalls.  My old friend, Joe always called them his "Farmer Oly's" as a nod to our Scandinavian heritage. 

I love wearing overalls.  It was my first attempt at getting around the rules back when schools had dress codes and girls weren't allowed to wear jeans.  I bought myself this huge pair of striped overalls (you could put 2 of me in them) and wore them to school the next day.  Of course they called me into the office and began to get a wee bit testy about my flagrant violation of the dress code.  In my coolest voice, I asked them to show me where in the dress code it said that I couldn't wear striped overalls to school.  Well of course they could find no reference to overalls at all in a 1971, So. Lake Tahoe school dress code.  I got to wear my overalls to school despite the no jeans on girls rule.  Overalls and civil disobedience ...who knew?  So overalls to me mean taking a stand for individuality even though it may be out of the norm.

So my question for the day to you is - How do you think outside the box and still play by the rules?  What stand did you take when you were stretching your adolescent wings to claim your own individuality?

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