Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Place Where Imagination and Spirit Met - part 2

Now, on to the details - or what I consider the "bling" part of the piece.  This picture shows the detail of the face rough-in and the gold leafing on her crown.

The next step is to start drawing in her features, her face, neck and the detailing on her hands.  I did this with special pigmented colored pencils made just for doing skin tones.

Next, I added the gemstones on her crown and necklace.  Her crown has an amethyst surrounded by Swarovski  crystals with another crystal on her forehead.  Her necklace is Malachite and mother of pearl.

In this picture you can see the detail of the lotus flower made of shell.  Her prayer beads are made of mustard seeds to give them added spiritual significance along with Mother of Pearl and another red crystal.  When all the details were added, I finished it off by adding several birds signifying one's request for peace flying off toward heaven.  The the whole piece was sprayed using several coats of lacquer.  My first foray into fine art pictures in veneer.

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