Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's All About Perspective

Shadow tip toeing across the ice
Yesterday it was snowing to beat the band.  Round #3 and I was back to shoveling again.  But sometimes we get blessed and I am excited to report that by late yesterday afternoon we warmed up to almost 40 and it started pouring buckets of rain.  Now that has turned all of the plowed snow into ice with a layer of water on it which makes walking down the hill to do barn chores a bit of a challenge.  For this gal, well if I don't have to shovel it, I'll take it with much gratitude.

You see, it is all about perspective.  There are times that even sheep poop has value besides spreading it on the garden.  It makes great traction on the path going down the hill to the barn.  So I really have to add gratitude for that to my list of things I am grateful for.  Now if you can be grateful for the poop in your life as a bonus - I figure you have to be living a truly blessed life.

So today I am getting my house all spiffy and ready for National Tie One On Day (are your aprons ready girls and guys) and looking forward to my day of culinary dabbling tomorrow getting ready for our family feast.  I wish all of you a truly blessed life.  Don't forget to count all your blessings - even the ones that may not always seem like blessings.  After all, it's all about Perspective.  Happy Thanksgiving.

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