Friday, November 11, 2011

Greetings From Uncle Sam - July 1941

My Dad in 1940
"Dear Folks,  I got a greeting from Uncle Sam today.  I will have to go into the Army.  I report for duty on July 11th in Sacramento.  I was wondering if you would mind keeping my dogs for me while I am gone.  I have the 10 dogs that I use to pull my sled in the winter.  They are good dogs.  I shouldn't be gone very long.  Please let me know.  "Adios" Vic."

On this Veterans Day - let us pause to remember all the young men past and present who have given up so much - the innocence of not knowing carnage, the nightmares they wished they could forget and for some, their lives.

   We were all born of moral men who never questioned the need to save their world.  Let us hope that we will someday learn that killing is never an answer to anything and will never be an avenue towards Peace.

By the way - his dogs chased and killed chickens so there was only one left when he got home.  Grandpa Leonard could only afford so many chickens....He was discharged in June 1945.  He was gone a little longer than he thought.

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  1. What a story - such amazing dogs!! Was very sad to hear that only one survived.

    I agree we should honor those who serve but my heart and mind wishes that we could come to a place where the need to kill is not the way to solve the fears of the world. I send prayers and blessings out today and everyday for peace.