Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Picture Progress - Rough In Finished

I finally got to work on my marquetry again but decided to pick up this picture that I was working on last spring before I got waylaid  first with the garden, then with fiber prep and dying.  Just when I thought my docket was clear to begin working I got hit with a series of winter storms and a lot of very cold weather.  That means lots of shoveling and cold work just keeping the sheep & chickens going which doesn't help my hands to be too functional for this kind of work.

I always find it difficult to pick something I've laid aside for so long but finally managed to get back into it's story and finished putting in the last pieces.  Now it's ready for any fill and sanding.  Once that is complete, I will add all the details of the faces and any extra shading.  Then it will have to sit awhile before the weather warms up enough to spray it with lacquer.

I am so anxious to jump into the next project - the box that I posted on my last entry here.  As soon as I get the details in - I will post another picture.

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