Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sewing for Tradition

For the past three weeks or so, I have been working on a Christening gown for my niece's new little girl.  I so love doing traditional white work.  I think I must have been Edwardian in my last life as I have such a draw to that type of clothing.

This particular gown had it's issues in that my embroidery machine was having density issues with the designs.  My theory is that it was the solar flairs messing with the magnetics of the computer.  What ever the reason, I ended up having to totally change my original plan and completely embroider the skirt a second time.  Eventually I got all the issues worked out and the gown finally came together.  I also made a slip with lacy trim and ruffle and a bonnet with embroidery on the brim.  I was in such a hurry to get to the shower yesterday that I forgot to photograph either one of them!  There is nothing like sewing with a deadline...

Sleeve detail
The picture on the right shows the sleeve details before I put the sleeve into the dress. It's so difficult to photograph the white on white details.

Skirt lace detail

Rather than gather the sleeves into the lace beading sleeve band, I put in tiny tucks.  The beading lace with the ribbon allows the sleeve to be able to be adjusted to the size of the child.  I do not like elastic on wee ones.

This picture shows more of the detail in the embroidery and lace insertion in the skirt.  The tucks on the bodice are in groups of three signifying the holy trinity - very traditional in a Christening gown.

I have made the gowns for all the girls in the family and some for family friends as well - for all those I love who still honor those family traditions.  I like the idea that those gowns will be kept and passed on like the ceremony they represent.

I respect every persons path to God what ever it may be.  It doesn't matter to me whether I believe the same way or not.  To me, faith is sacred whatever path it chooses to take.  So on this Easter Sunday, I pass on the love of my hands, my time, and my energy and by doing so, honor the sacred in everyone and wish blessings on the new ones.  Those innocent ones that still remember what God looks like.  Happy Easter everyone.  May this springtime ritual enlighten your spirit as the world begins it's new growth of the season.

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