Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spinning The Blues

dark blue hand painted merino single
dark blue plied
It's been a long, strange winter this year.  It started out with early cold and snow and then fizzled out into a cycle of rain, snow, lots of ice, more rain, more snow and lots of dark gray days.  We tend to get a lot of those gray days here in the winter with low light.  Yesterday the news was wind - lots of wind with gusts up to 50 mph.  I am happy to say that my power bumped a few times but much to my surprise and joy, stayed on.  Around here when we get high wind warnings, I fill the milk jugs with water "just in case" and make sure there is a 5 gallon bucket in the bathroom for flushing.  I know, sure as I am sitting here, that if I don't, the power will definitely go out!  Well friends, since I was well prepared, the power stayed on.  You see, that's how it works in Sheri-land.  If I hadn't filled the jugs I know for a fact the opposite would be true.  So I got the added bonus of good light while I worked at plying the singles into yarn.

I finished plying the first bobbin while watching Nightline last night.  I find the irony of watching  high tech gadgets being manufactured in China with the tour of Apple's production line quite amusing as I am immersed with the peace of my decidedly "Low tech" spinning wheel.  If the power had gone out, I still would have plied the yarn because I am the power behind this little "machine".  I have to admit that I would rather do it with electric light than battery light & kerosene lamps but the beauty of it is that it really doesn't matter...

aqua, purple & teal single
I'm pretty new at the dying process so I am more than pleased at how my hand painted fiber is turning out.  The fiber I worked on yesterday was some singles that I started spinning on Saturday and was finally ready to ply.  I never know how it will actually turn out until I get it plied.

aqua, purple & teal 2-ply

I love the way this yarn turned out.  This is going to be a yummy color to knit with.  I still have quite a bit left to ply but I couldn't wait to share this lovely color.


  1. Lovely!! I too know that if I don't have things prepared that is when I get caught with my pants down. Glade you got to the plying and that the final yarn gives you joy. What you going to make with it??

  2. Sheri, your yarn is beautiful, what a beautiful blue. I too think if the high speed world comes to a sudden halt, I will still have the joy of spinning wool and I can still take two sticks and make knitting needles (maybe 4)and the spun yarn and make sweaters and hats and socks.
    Is blue your favorite color too? Yummy!

    1. Actually blue isn't my favorite but it sure is fun to play with! I prefer greens, more aqua than true blue, and I love coral and purples. This batch has been so much fun!