Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sheepish Saturday

Chilly Persuasion
What a difference a day can make in the Pacific Northwest!  Yesterday it was in the 40's and there was an end in sight to my ice rink paths and driveway.  I had to clean off my satellite dish 4 times during the news this morning as it kept freezing up!  Today it is mega snow - not the nice kind.  Not the sweet fluffy, will go right through the snow blower kind, but the heavy, wet, you gotta man handle it with a grain shovel kind.  The weather guessers keep saying there is a back side to this but I haven't seen any sign of it and the wind is blowing this into drifts.   Every trip outside to clean off the dish, the sheep sang out "Are you coming yet??"  "Hey - you in the puffy coat - we could use a little extra hay this afternoon!"  (baa, baa, baa...)  So - being the softy that I am, I relented and did my chores early!  (Not to mention, I just wanted to get it over with and get back to my spinning wheel )

Mission accomplished!  Back to spinning my wheels.  Let's just hope the power stays on so my chili will finish cooking.  If you are slogging around out there - stay safe. 

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  1. What a soft touch you are.... Well get that wheel ready for a big night of spinning.