Monday, October 31, 2011

The Ghosts of Halloween Past and Present

Charissa, Adryon and I- 198
Kimberlee and Adryon were here for a visit yesterday to cut firewood to help keep their home warm this winter.  It was a full circle moment for me as Kim had brought sweet boy Aydon dressed in his Halloween finery so I could see him.  After seeing this picture of Adryon as a bunny on his first Halloween at 10 months old, she thought he was so cute that she wanted to do something similar for Aydon.  It brought back so many memories of Halloween's past, of trick or treating in driving rain storms, or weather so cold plastic costumes were cracking.  Back to my own Halloweens as a child spent at the parade in Carson City as it is Nevada's admissions day and we would always go down for the Parade.  Or of the time my best friend Sue and I decided to layer lavender paint on our skin which cracked so we would add another layer until we looked like we were decomposing....not too many little kids wanted to come and win a gold fish at our booth at the community carnival - parents would try to convince their progeny that we were just a couple of teenagers not the ghoulies we appeared to be....ah the joys of outrageous teenagerhood!

Adding just the right touches 1988

Of course the first stop was just up the road - to Grampie and Grammy's house to show off the new look.  Such good times.  We didn't know this would be my Dad's last Halloween with us.  So many yearly traditions that mark the passage of time and markers to view the onward procession of our lives.

Adryon 10 months old
Aydon 5 months old

Happy Halloween everyone - the circle just continues to spiral upwards and out - so many people to love in our family of the heart.

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  1. What sweet memories and such cute bunnies - such snugglebunnies.... Happy Halloween