Saturday, October 22, 2011

Being Sheepish

Velvet - Roddy's mom
Like all kids - reluctant to line up for family photos

Now that is getting cooler and fall is definitely in the air, I have taken to wearing my down work parka to the barn to do my chores.  I don't know what it is about that jacket, but the sheep will not let me pet them with the exception of Velvet when I am wearing it.  Perhaps it's the rustling sound it makes, who knows.  Personally, my theory is that they think I have morphed into the StaPuft Marshmallow man and I am coming to get them!  In that vein and with great excitement, I found that I captured an energy orb in my photo of Barrick while he was eating in the barn.  Way cool.  This is only the second time I have ever captured one in a photo.  Now that's a great early Birthday gift!

Barrick and "Friend"


  1. Very cool - Did Barrick react to the orb?? Your sweet one's are just so huggable looking - great fleeces - do they get shorn again this fall or wait till spring?? Hugs to all

  2. No, he didn't react to it at all. They are all spoiled rotten but aren't affectionate with anyone but me. I only shear them in the spring but by then some of the staple lengths are 8 to 9 inches. Sure makes it easy to spin with a long draw.