Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hay Day 2012

I am always excited to get my hay in for the winter.  We have had unseasonable warm weather this year so it doesn't feel like September except in the early morning hours when we have been in the 30's.

As soon as the truck backed into the barn all the sheep lined up to check out this new red what ever it is that is sticking out of their home!  They thought they had seen it before but then, you never know with these things so we will just view it from afar - just in case. 

Gotta Love the way these young high school guys can just throw those bales around with ease.  Larry always hires the nicest kids.

Thanks for growing such fantastic hay, Larry!  I hope you will enjoy your bread.  See you next year - that is if the world doesn't end in December.....

Hey - you never know.....I think I'll hedge my bets just like the sheep.  If it all goes to smash, will they let YOU in?  I'm honing my unusual skill about you?

1 comment:

  1. Lovely Hay - Wished I had that!!! Wow and to get someone to stack the hay - I guess things are different in your neck of the woods. Congrat's on getting set for winter.