Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fiber Dying - Painting Colors Everywhere

I spent yesterday playing with color.  The first superwash roving I call  "Sunset".  It is similar to a colorway that I did last year that produced the spun yarn pictured on the right.  The colors may seem garish in the fiber before it is spun but will blend into something totally different when spun.

This one is three colors of blue.  It makes a medium to dark yarn when spun.  The picture below shows what it looks like when it's dry.

Then I dyed some Silver colored Shetland from my ewe, Velvet.  The first color is Mountain Aqua.  The picture on the left shows it wet in the dye pot and on the right after it dried.

I so enjoy playing with color.  It's so exciting to see how it looks once it's carded and spun.  Colors pop out that you never expect.


  1. Lovely work dear one... I too love that play time and when we spin the dance of color is what our fingers, heart and soul long for - Play On and Enjoy. Your hands are in for a treat... Lovely!

  2. Pretty! I'd like to see the blue spun up when you get photos too! Dyeing is my favorite part of it all.

    1. Mine too! Sure beats picking and skirting! It's always so much fun to get past the stinky part...