Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy St.Lucia Day!

It's December 13th - Happy St. Lucia Day for all the Scandinavians out there.  One thing is certain, we do up the holidays in style beginning with St. Lucia.  Here is a picture of me at age 15 doing a Lucia program for my parents VASA group in Lake Tahoe where we lived.  So much joy and pageantry and practices to learn to sing in Swedish. Not just St. Lucia but a whole plethora of Swedish carols.  Fast forward about 10 years....

My daughters first grade teacher was really into the St. Lucia story and had been talking about it to the class.  My daughter piped up and told her teacher that I had a St. Lucia dress.  I get a call from the teacher - would I come and do St. Lucia as a surprise for her class.  I don't have a head piece I told her but I will let you know.  Enter my father to the rescue.  No way would this one go - nothing was too good for his grand daughter.  Out came the tin snips and he made me a crown.  Ok - now what if the dress doesn't fit....2 kids does stuff to ones figure you know....I pulled the dress out of the bottom drawer and slipped it on.  It fit.  Hmmm... no eloquent way out of this one.  Several phone calls later and it was all arranged.  The day before, I baked a huge batch of Lucia Buns to take to the class.  I get to the school and head into the restroom where I donned my gown, tied up my red sash, placed the wet handkerchief on my head to protect my hair from dripping wax, placed the crown on my head and matches in hand made my way to the main reception area of the office.  "Would you mind lighting my candles?"  I asked the secretary behind the desk.  She looked up startled and took the matches and lit my candles.  I slowly made my way down the hall and into the classroom with my tray of Lucia buns, singing the St. Lucia song - in Swedish.  My daughter had no idea this was going to happen.  The teacher was reading the story to the class and when she got to the appropriate page, I came through the door with all the proper pomp and circumstance.  Ah...the things we do for love.  Good times creating magic moments for small children.  Hard to believe that my youngest just turned 26.

  So Happy St. Lucia Day - the kick off of the holiday season.  I hope you make some magic for the young ones in your life.

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  1. What an amazing story and such memories - I would be so scared to have candles on my head - brave girl.